Shiraito Highland Way

Karuizawa tourism. Wellness Road to an altitude of 1,400m

Wellness Road to
an altitude of 1,400m

About Shiraito Highland Way

The following introduces the Wellness Road of Shiraito Highland Way that passes through the mysterious forest at an altitude of 1,400m, including the toll and sections.


Shiraito Falls/Ryugaeshi Falls hiking course

You can fully enjoy the refreshing breeze of the highlands at the popular tourist spots of Shiraito Falls and Ryugaeshi Falls and also on the Shinanoji Nature Trail where you can easily enjoy hiking.


Technologies fostered at the Shiraito Highland Way

The Shiraito Highland Way now has new management methods thanks to the latest inspection technologies and demonstration/experiment fields of new store technologies. Together with our technology partner, GAEART Co., Ltd., we are contributing to extending the life of the infrastructure.



Memorial Line connecting
Old Karuizawa - Kita Karuizawa -
Kusatsu Onsen

The Memorial Line is a very convenient road to go from the Karuizawa area to Kusatsu Onsen and also a short cut from the Kita Karuizawa area to the outlet mall.


Access map